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6 Tips To Choosing A Pet Photographer

The Following is a Guest Post provided by Soulful Pet Photography.

In choosing the right pet photographer for you and your special pet, do your homework to find one that is going to show the loving relationship that you share. Your pet is part of your family and an amazing pet photographer will capture that in their photos. Here are the crucial six aspects to consider:

1. Experience

There is nothing more valuable than experience when working with pets. Knowledge of animal behavior is the best way for a photographer to be able to provide a stress free environment. Someone with experience will be comfortable around animals, knows how to get the best from them and help them look great as well.

This pug agreed to pose with her front paws on the bench when I lured her up there using a favorite treat.

2. Flexibility

Pet photographers have to have the ability to expect the unexpected, as sometimes pets are unpredictable. The best way for them to do this is to be organized, but flexible and able to use different ways of keeping the pets attention. They need to have little tricks, for not only getting your pet in the right position, but getting them to stay there.

3. Patience

Patience is something that you will need to look for with any pet photographer that you choose. They will need to be able to keep their cool when a playful puppy wants to run away or when an un-cooperative cat wants to hide. The more patience that your pet photographer has, the better chance they will have of getting great photographs.

Cosmos wasn't thrilled about being photographed, but when I waited until he relaxed in his mom's lap, I got this sweet portrait of him.

4. Fun

The most important feature to look for in a pet photographer is to find one that is going to make the whole experience fun. Pets can be a handful, but are also be a joy to be around. Should your photographer get jumped on, peed on or licked in the face, they need to have a good sense of humor about this. After all, that's what a good pet photographer does, and of course it makes for the best photographs.

This dachshund loves to chase balls so we played catch to keep the session fun.

5. Specializes in Pets

Not every photographer is good with pets. Some are even afraid of dogs or cats so make sure that your photographer specializes in pets. Although many photographers may be great at photographing weddings, pet photography requires a totally different set of skills and photographic equipment.

The San Francisco Bay Area has so many iconic spots. Here's a dog posing in front of the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.

6. Have a Definite Style

Look for a photographer whose style you like. Someone who will produce images that are different and creative, rather than the ones that you could take yourself. Your pet photographs will be a priceless treasure for many years to come, so having a unique portrait of them will be a great investment.

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