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Creative Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

With hot summers just ahead, it’s always a good idea to start brainstorming ways to keep your dog cool. Luckily, you don’t need a huge swimming pool for most of these options. In fact, the only pool you might consider getting is a kiddie pool, which leads us to number one on the list!

1. Buy a Kiddie Pool

Kiddie pools are great additions to anyone’s backyard, especially if you have a dog. Being able to cool off in seconds is a huge relief for your pup. Imagine having a coat of fur on you at all times with no way to escape the heat. These pools are cheap, and they work like a charm to keep your dog happy and enjoying the entire season. Who knows, you might want to join them if it gets hot enough!

2. Create Extra Shade Using Tarps or Blankets

Making a makeshift umbrella or shady area in the backyard is as easy as tying up a tarp or a couple blankets to four wooden or steel posts. You could even create extra shade for your dog to cool off under by tying the corners to random objects about 3 to 8 feet high. The wider the tarp or blankets, the wider the area your dog has to relax in!

The good thing about using a tarp is that it doubles as protection or coverage from the rain when the seasons start to change. You can keep it up year round, throw a dog bed under it and maybe even an outdoor fan to bring continued air circulation.

3. Freeze Treats and Toys to Create a Giant Ice Cube

You know that amazing feeling when you drink an ice cold cup of water on a sunny day? Dogs can experience the same thing if you freeze their toys and treats! All you have to do is throw them in the freezer, wait for about 5 to 6 hours for them to freeze thoroughly, and then play fetch or have them do tricks for their reward. Not only does it feel great for them, but it also helps cool them down internally, protecting them from overheating.

Certain toys like ropes or stuffed animals that don’t contain moisture freeze much easier if you soak them in water prior to throwing them in the freezer.

4. Build a Sprinkler Toy with PVC

Using a couple fittings, some PVC pipes, a garden hose, and a drill, you can create quite the sprinkler for your dog. Drill open a 1” hole in one of your sections of PVC, then insert the 1” fitting and secure it with silicone sealer and some Teflon tape. Glue the remaining PVC pipes in a standing rectangular shape, hook up your garden hose to the fitting, and you’re just about set. All you have to do now is drill however many holes you want the water to come out of and turn on the hose.

Have Fun in the Summer Sun

Keeping your dog cooled down will show them how much you love them. It’ll keep them healthy, happy, and relaxed. After all, summer is one of the most exciting seasons of all! Why let a little heat keep your pup from playing to their heart’s desire?

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